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PGDITM Admission open for January to July 2019 session.


Management of moving raw materials, in-process inventory, and finished-goods; transferring information and payment electronic information and payment transfer and its impact, distribution, forecasting, inventory management, purchasing and supplier management, ERP systems supply chain integration and strategic partnering. Impacts of E-Commerce in supply chain management.

The integrated logistics management concept, Customer service, Channels of distribution, Order processing, Transportation systems, Storage and material handling systems. Inventory management. Information systems for order processing & inventory tracking, Impact of Internet and electronic data interchange (EDI) on order cycles, vendor-customer communications and inventory, Global logistics, Third-party logistics

Program is divided into 4 modules/six months each. Program has total 24 papers divided into 4 modules + Project Work.
On the successful completion of each of the modules, a modular certificate will be awarded. Final diploma will be awarded after the completion of programme including your Project Report.
  • GM03 Business Statistics
  • GM04 Managerial Economics
  • GM11 Management Functions and Organization Behavior
  • GM12 Business Communications
  • FM11 Financial and Management Accounting
  • ITM101 Management Information Systems

Certificate awarded past completion

* Certificate in information technology Management

  • MM01 Marketing Management
  • HR01 Human Resource Management
  • OM01 Operations Management
  • ITM201 Computer Networks
  • ITM202 Database Management System
  • ITM205 Decision Support Systems

Certificate awarded past completion

* Advanced certificate in information technology Management



  • ITM104 Web Application Development
  • ITM317 E-Commerce
  • OM05 Supply and Logistics Management
  • ITM319 E-Commerce Strategies, Technologies & Applications
  • ITM404 Information Risk Management
  • ITM314 Network Security Management

Certificate awarded past completion

*Professional certificate in information technology Management

  • ITM316 IT Governance
  • ITM312 Object Oriented Analysis & Design
  • ITM315 Software Quality Management
  • ITM403 Enterprise Resource Planning
  • ITM406 Enterprise Application Integration
  • OM03 Project Management

Certificate awarded past completion

*Post graduate diploma in information technology Management

₹ 1,02,000/-

Payment Schedule

For first module pay at the time of admission and for the subsequent modules before the start of the classes.
Fee Particulars Fee
First Module ₹ 25,500/- + ₹ 550/- for prospectus
Second Module ₹ 25,500/-
Third Module ₹ 25,500/-
Fourth Module ₹ 25,500/-
*The fee above is inclusive of all academic charges, study material, online course content, digital library, amongst other facilities provided by the institute. Examination fee will be separate and will be charged at actuals. All fees paid are non-refundable.

Specializations Offered


Financial Systems

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

HR Systems


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