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Rising CO2 emissions and pollution have risen at a staggering rate, endangering the livelihoods, food security, biodiversity, and well-being of the planet. Waste has also become a massive problem in this consumeristic society. An increase in waste volumes along with high costs of waste management and its severity on the environment and humankind result in a paradigm shi towards circular economy models. Countries around the world are trying now new, innovative ways to handle waste and one of the ways is social entrepreneurship by keeping circular economy into focus as waste mismanagement can have economic, social, and environmental implications which include toxic pollutants discharge, increased greenhouse gas emissions, and exploitation of natural resources. And to add value-creation, professionals, entrepreneurs, and changemakers need to understand the opportunities available to prevent waste and reduce, re-use, recycle and upcycle consumables.

This programme covers key elements of waste management and challenges faced in social entrepreneurship. This programme is designed for participants to identify a problem they care about and understand the skills required for impact and learn how social entrepreneurship could serve as an effective solution. It will provide participants the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in understanding waste management and social entrepreneurship.

Need of the programme

Have you come across large amounts of waste and garbage lying around street corners and neighborhoods posing a threat to the environment and humankind?

As the world is grappling with social and environmental issues, it is imperative to build innovative and effective solutions to address social problems worldwide. This points out how the transition towards circular business models results in positive effects on the ecosystem. Sustainable solutions help in dealing with waste and enhance recycling and reusing of the products or services. This programme will help participants to bring about the transformative change needed in a socially responsible manner.

Social entrepreneurs are changemakers; change agents who challenge the status quo of unsustainable business practices promoting mass production and consumption. Thus, this programme invites participants to understand social issues, the legal framework, potential financing, strategic model building, and so on.

Course Director

Dr. Nayan Mitra, Distinguished Researcher & Founder – Sustainable Advancements

Who should attend this programme ?

The industry professionals, entrepreneurs, consultants, govt. officials, faculty members as well as B-Schools, Engineering and other HEI's Students (currently pursuing as well as pass outs) working or aspiring to work in the area of Waste Management and Social Entrepreneurship will find this programme immensely valuable.

Programme Duration & Flow

This programme is of 3 months duration having 30 Instructional Hours with a few session exclusively conducted in workshop format. The first batch is starting from February 2022 onwards.

Topics to be covered in the Course

20 SESSIONS (Per Sessions1:30 Hours)


  • Society and its effects on Environment
  • Conflicts and conflict resolution associated with natural resource management. - "Wealth in Waste"
  • Waste and resources as an environmental issue, Role of institutions in the protection of our environment
  • Generation and characteristics of waste
  • Types of Solid Waste, Disposal of Solid Waste
  • Introducing Municipal Solid Waste Management
  • Waste collection, storage and transport
  • Waste processing techniques
  • Organic Waste Treatment
  • Special Waste Fractions
  • Governance aspect of Solid Waste Management
  • Concept of Circular Economy
    Business Value in a Circular Economy
  • Longer Lasting Products Remanufacturing
  • Markets for reused, recycled, upcycled products
  • International treaties in the movement of waste
  • Social Enterprise, Social Impact Assessment
  • Funding
  • Expert Speak
  • Expert Speak
  • Assessment

Programme Outcome

On doing this programme, the trainee will be able to:

  • Understand the various facets of Waste Management
  • Internalize what Circular Economy is
  • Recognise the market opportunity for reused, recycled, upcycled products
  • Understand the role of social entrepreneurship
  • Gain knowledge in social impact assessment
  • Gain access to knowlwdge of various funding sources
  • Gain from listening to social entrepreneurs

Learning Methodology

The learning methodology will include interactive Sessions/lectures by experts from the industry, Q/A, discussion, case studies, expert learning.

Course Material

The course pack comprising power points, original researches, learning aids, reading materials etc. will be provided to each participant.

Assessment & Certification

The participants will be assessed in the basis of the Formative and Summative assessments and the assignment. The weightage of the same would be: Summative Assessment/Final Exam: 70%; Assignment: 30%

Upon successful completion of the programme, the participants will be awarded with “Certificate of Success” jointly by All India Management Association and Sustainable Advancements.

Lead Faculty

Dr. Nayan Mitra is an international authority on the subject of Sustainability, CSR and Corporate Governance. She is the series editor of Responsible Business and Sustainable Management by Springer; co-editor of the books 'Corporate Social Responsibility in India' (2017), 'Mandated Corporate Social Responsibility' (2019) and 'Corporate Social Responsibility in Rising Economies' (2020) with Dr. Rene Schmidpeter (Germany) that has been published by Springer International (Switzerland); published over 50 peer reviewed research publications in International journals and books; Academic Council member and Science Board member in International Academic forums

She is the recipient of the prestigious Author Award at the Indian CSR Leadership Summit three years in a row: 2017, 2018 and 2019; adjudged as one of the 25 most impactful CSR Leaders in India 2019 and many other international awards for her contribution to CSR and Sustainability; and recognised as an Exceptional Woman of Excellence at the Women Economic Forum, 2019 (New Delhi, India).

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Rs 23600 incl. of GST
You can enrol in the programme by registering online.

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The first batch is going to start from February 2022 onwards

Programme Fees

The programme fees is Rs 23,600/-
(including GST @18%) which include cost of Programme Learning Material & Examination fee

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