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The Fourth batch is going to start from 04th Feburary 2024.New


Why to Attend this Programme

In the new normal, business and industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in its operation, customer service and supply chain processes. Digital Transformation has changed the way business is done. Without Digital Transformation, survival in today's International and competitive business is extremely difficult. This is a journey that will continue for years with business benefits visible at key milestones. Some enterprises are at an advanced stage in this transformation however large numbers are either late entrants or yet to implement a logical strategy for Digital Transformation.

A great amount of research is being done to see how successful enterprises and organizations are using digital technologies for flexibility, operational competitiveness, growth, resilience and business transformation. 

There is great learning opportunity for every business and technology manager and leader to fully embrace this change both for their business and career. Successful digital organisations are some of the highest wealth creators today. Adaption of various digital services during the pandemic has further strengthened its key role in growth and sustainability of business.

Enterprises expect CXOs not only to be familiar with Digital Technologies but also experienced on initiatives to ensure success as many enterprises are seeing very limited success with certain digital initiatives. A great amount of research is being done on applied part of digital technologies as how successful enterprises and organizations are using these technologies for growth, resilience and business transformation.

This program has been designed considering key learning areas for industry professionals, analysts and academicians in the field of digital transformation, It will offer embedded learning in areas of business transformation, management, strategy, innovation, emerging technology, implementation strategy, leadership and governance.

For better understanding of global best practices, another deliverable will be live case studies on technologies such as Cloud computing, big data, IoT/lloT, A1/ML, deep learning, AR/VR, Computer vision, Robotics etc.

This Advanced Certificate Programme in Business Excellence through Digital Innovation & Transformation for Enterprises is an excellent opportunity of learning from a pool of faculties from the industry and IIT Bombay.

Program Director

Prof. M D Agrawal, Visiting Professor, SJMSOM, IIT Bombay, Former General Manager & CIO BPCL Downstream Former Advisor, senior, consultant, TCS Global services, Former visiting professor, IIT G, NITIE, IIM I

Key Learning Areas

The programme will provide a blend of conceptual and practical learning in areas such as:

  • Digital Preparedness Assessment
  • Business and Digital Agility
  • Key Enabling Technologies
  • Digital Transformation Building Blocks
  • Data and Digital Infrastructure Strategy
  • Hands-On Design Thinking Session
  • Digital Governance and Sustainability Clock
  • Predictive Analytics Techniques
  • Strategy for adoption of Al & its industrialization and Generative Al
  • Organization Change Workshop
  • Digital Project Success Measurement
  • Workshop on digital leadership persona

Workshops and Exercise

As part of tools for learning, following workshops and exercises will be part of the course

    • Conceptualize Digital transformation project and develop digital strategy
    • Digital infrastructure assessment
    • Digital Business Model Design
    • Digital Agility Design
    • Identify improvement or change in your current operating model
    • Design thinking workshop for customer experience design
    • Digital leadership persona

Programme Duration

DURATION: 4.5 months 4 hours every week on Sundays

Online Live classes, 9:30am-11:00am and 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Program Session Design Include

a. Discussion of various business scenarios of different industry verticals and evidence based learnings and research

b. Reference of large number of industry use cases and published case studies

Pedagogy:  Content design of the programme is based on practical experiences and research carried by each faculty. Reference of a good no. published global research on relevant subjects, international companies success case studies and video content. Reference of multiple case published case studies by organizations like Havard, MIT, Mckinsey.

For further clarification, please contact the undersigned

Rahul Bhatia
Mobile: 9891963303, Email:

15, Link Road, Lajpat Nagar - 3, New Delhi, India-110024 • Website:

The programme is comprised of total 5 Modules as under:
  • Foundation subjects for digital business and digital transformation
  • Digital preparedness assessment
  • Business Agility, Digital Agility & Agility wheel
  • Key enabling technologies for digital transformation
  • Digital Transformation Building Blocks
  • Digital Transformation Capability Areas
  • Digital project failures and Maturity Assessment
  • Digital Customer Experience & Chabot as accelerator
  • Crafting Digital Vision
  • Data and Digital infrastructure strategy
  • Digital transformation accelerators: Cloud, API
  • What is Connected, networked and optimized and autonomous digital state
  • Building blocks of digital infrastructure in age of Al
  • Emerging new data organization practices like Data fabric
  • Data governance strategy
  • Data Monetization strategy
  • Building Data Analytic and monetization policy
  • Setting Cyber security and now Al safety
  • Setting data privacy policy
  • Adoption of Dev Ops and Agile
  • Retooling and Re-architecting organization
  • Hands-on session on Design thinking as a tool
  • Re-envisioning & crafting Business model
  • Multisided Digital platform and crafting same
  • Digital Business Platform in enterprise
  • API and Microservice as essential element of digital strategy
  • Digital public infrastructure and its impact on enterprise digital strategy
  • Strategy for building talent pool
  • Digital factory and new operating Model
  • Foundation of strong cognitive and Predictive practices in organization
  • Techniques for crafting Predictive analytics
  • Al in different industry vertical and Industrialization of Al in enterprise?
  •  loT, Computer vision & Al for Manufacturing
  • Natural language processing and LLM model for business effectiveness
  • Digital governance, organization change and personal effectiveness
  • Digital project success measurement
  • Digital governance and sustainability clock
  • Organization change
  • Digital Persona and self-assessment
  • Live and published case Studies like DBS Bank, Lego, Philips Global, Tata Steel. Tata Motors, Asian Paints, Aadhar and India stack and few more.
The second batch is going to start from 4" February 2024 onwards.
The programme fees for this course is Rs 60,000/- + GST which include cost
of Course Learning Material & Examination fees.
The participants can pay the fees in four equal monthly installments of
Rs. 15,000/- while paying the GST in advance with first installment fee.
International Participant Fees - $900 USD

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