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The Third batch is going to start from 06th May 2023.New

Who Should Attend this Programme

The industry professionals, mid level to top managers, CTO/CIOs aspiring to become Chief Digital Officers, entrepreneurs, govt. officials, or any one aspiring to work in the area of digital innovation and transformation will find this programme immensely valuable.

Programme Director

Prof. M D Agrawal, Adjunct Professor – IIT, Gandhinagar, Visiting Professor, IIT, BOMBAY, Former General Manager and CIO – BPCL, Former Advisor & consultant, TCS

Key Learning Areas

The programme will provide a blend of conceptual and practical learning in the the following key areas:

  • Business Agility and Digital Agility
  • Digital transformation capability areas
  • Using disruption for leveraging digital plans and enhancing the value of your business
  • Customer experience optimization
  • Cloud Strategy for digital innovation and acceleration
  • Data monetization strategy
  • Big Data best practices
  • Value of Data Governance
  • Key enabling technologies for digitalization
  • Digital capability models and application of digital technologies
  • Application automation and API fundamentals
  • Cyber security & data protection for digital projects & related laws
  • Modernization of data and applications
  • Business Competveness & Innovation strategy
  • Marketing 5.0 and demystifying Industry 4.0
  • Strategy for leadership and governance for sustainable digital transformation
  • Study of digital leaders personas


    • Digital Transformation strategy for your organization
    • Crafting customer experience journey and digital touch point for your customer
    • Deriving business value from enterprise data
    • Defining your enterprise cloud journey for increased business innovation
    • Design thinking as accelerator for digital transformation
    • Workshops on Cloud and Data initiatives for digital acceleration

Immersive learning through continuous exercises after each of module

Programme Highlights

Duration:4.5 months 4 hours every week during evening hours
totaling 60 hours, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Program Session Design Include

a. Discussion of various business scenarios of different industry verticals and evidence based learnings and research

b. Reference of large number of industry use cases and published case studies

Pedagogy: Content design of the programme is based on practical experiences and research carried by each faculty. Reference of a good no. published global research on relevant subjects, international companies success case studies and video content.

Faculty Pool

Program will be delivered by a pool of eminent faculty with in-depth experience from industry and academia

  • Prof. M D Agrawal, Visiting Professor, SJMSOM, IITB, Former CIO BPCL, Former consultant and advisor TCS
  • Prof. Ashish Pandey, Associate Professor, SJMSOM, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
  • Prof. G. Sivakumar, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IITB
  • Prof. N L Sarda, Retd. Senior Professor, CSE, IIT Bombay
  • Mr. Sanjay Agrawal, CTO and Head Presales, Hitachi Vantara
  • Mr. Uday Gharpure, Consultant and Executive Trainer – Design Thinking

Few senior industry veterans and CXOs will be invited to share their experiences on the relevant topics time to time.

Why to Attend this Programme

In the new normal, business and industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in its operation, customer service and supply chain processes. Digital Transformation has changed the way business is done. Without Digital Transformation, survival in today's International and competitive business is extremely difficult. This is a journey that will continue for years with business benefits visible at key milestones. Some enterprises are at advanced stage in this transformation however large number are either late entrants or yet to implement a logical strategy for Digital Transformation.

Digital transformation is a business strategy, not technology strategy. Success of digital transformation heavily depends on rightful application for enhancing customer and operation value. Rapid technology development and lower cost are some of the factors that are increasingly threatening conventional business models and inviting each business to study the trend and modify their business strategy.

A great amount of research is being done to see how successful enterprises and organizations are using digital technologies for flexibility, operational competitiveness, growth, resilience and business transformation. There is great learning opportunity for every business and technology managers and leaders to fully embrace this change both for their business and career. Successful digital organizations are some of the highest wealth creators today. Adaption of various digital services during the pandemic has further strengthened its key role in growth and sustainability of business.

Enterprises expect CXOs not only to be familiar with Digital Technologies but also experienced on initiatives to ensure success as many enterprises are seeing very limited success with certain digital initiatives. A great amount of research is being done on applied part of digital technologies as how successful enterprises and organizations are using these technologies for growth, resilience and business transformation.

This program has been designed considering key learning areas for industry professionals, analysts and acdemicians in field of digital transformation. It will offer embedded learning in areas of business transformation, management, strategy, innovation, emerging technology, implementation strategy, leadership and governance. For better understanding of global best practices, another deliverable will be live case studies on technologies such as Cloud computing, big data, IoT/IIoT, AI/ ML, deep learning, AR/VR, Computer vision, Robotics etc.

This Advanced Certificate Programme in Digital Innovation & Transformation for Enterprises is an excellent opportunity of learning from a pool of faculties from the industry and IIT Bombay.

For further clarification, please contact the undersigned

Rahul Bhatia
Center for Management Education (CME)

All India Management Association

15, Link Road, Lajpat Nagar -3

New Delhi - 110024

Phone : +91 9891963303

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The programme is comprised of total 5 Modules as under:
  • Digital Transformation Capabilities and Business Drivers:
  • The new normal and impact on business
  • Leveraging disruption drivers for business transformation
  • Digital transformation framework
  • Developing Digital Capability for enterprise: Digital Customer
  • Developing Digital Capability for enterprise: Worker / Employee enablement
  • Developing Digital Capability for business & operation process optimization
  • Developing Digital Capability for New Business Models
  • Developing data capability for a digital enterprise : transition from legacy
    • data-based systems: to review application and information systems platforms that bring out important aspects of enterprise solutions including big data systems, MI, analytics
    • data governance: ensuring data understanding and usage
  • Developing AI capabilities
  • Digital Strategy for Retooling Business
  • Context of innovation and Digital Transformation for operational competitiveness
  • Revisiting customer experience journey
  • Reinventing Business Models in world of digital disruption
  • Strategy for connected product and services for digital enterprise
  • Digital Business capability design consideration
  • Design and development of digital platform as business value generator
  • Retooling manufacturing in digital age
  • Invited Session : Demystifying Industry 4.0/5.0 by Tata Steel –Light house organization named by World conomic forum
  • Digital Design - Initiatives for Accelerated Transformation:
  • Strategy for Digital Foundation and Innovation for business transformation
  • Learning design thinking process as human centricity innovation and for digital solution design
  • Data Driven enterprise and Data Analytics application design as Business intelligence
  • Cloud Enabled enterprise
  • Agile methodologies for development and deployment of digital projects
  • Overview of API infrastructure and new application developments tools DevOps
  • Cyber security & business risk for digital organizations
  • Data Centre Modernization strategy
  • Cyber laws and Data protection laws – Practioners views
  • Digital Transformation Best Practices of Different Industry Verticals
  • Emerging marketing 5.0 exclusive session cut across all business verticals
  • Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing
  • GoI data management eco system and data privacy policy
  • Leadership Journey and Remaking Yourself for Digital Transformation
  • Business value assessment and KPI measurement of digital intiatives
  • IT and Business alignment : building an integrated approach
  • Organization and cultural sustainability for digital transformation
  • Digital Leaders persona
  • How to craft a digital vision
  • Development of Digital governance and organization leadership pipeline
Rs 55,000/- + GST
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The Third batch is going to start on 06th May, 2023.

Programme Fees

The programme fee for this course is Rs 55,000/- + GST
which include the cost of Course Learning Materials & Examination fees.

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