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Not Just a Certification, It is Govt Approved Post Graduation (Credit based, approved by AICTE, Ministry of Education)

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Business Analytics Overview

Business Analytics is the combination of skills, technologies, applications and processes used by organisations to gain data-driven insights. These insights can be used to aid decision-making across functional areas and industry sectors.

Evolving technology and extensive data floating in verticals like sales, marketing, finance, HR, operations, SCM and Social media etc., has made data analysis imperative for the organisations. It helps organisations to understand and predict patterns, forecast, monitor and optimize its processes.

About the Programme

The demand of Analysts and Data Scientists in the industry has increased tremendously in recent past. Considering this growing demand, AIMA has come up with a comprehensive, Post Graduate programme in Business Analytics. The programme is approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD and also certified by leading software analytical company – SAS. The curriculum of the programme is designed by academicians and endorsed by industry experts.

The programme offers a unique feature of data analysis through a browser based GUI called STATCRAFT for the ease of Data Analysis which eliminates the need to write, lengthy and complex codes in R.

The online live lectures are held at weekends; so that, the students can learn new data science skills without any compromise to their professional commitments. These lectures are delivered by the senior professors and experienced professionals and trainers from the industry.

To enroll for this programme, students do not require to have any prior learning knowledge or experience of analytics and programming languages. The programme gives an ultimate data analytics experience from scratch to advanced level, thereby making the students industry ready.

Programme Objectives

The programme aims to provide the following to the students:

  • In depth training on data interpretation and analysis to take informed decisions.
  • Industry-relevant skills required by Big Data Analysts, Business Analysts and Data Specialists.
  • In depth knowledge of Big Data platforms as per the industry requirements.
  • Training on most demanded programming languages R, SAS, Tableau etc.
  • Training on tools used for Data Analysis like Hadoop, Map Reduce, YARN, Hive, Pig etc.
  • Training to work on integrated projects to solve Business Analytics problems.
  • Imparting skills and knowledge on smart data analysis & preparing them to secure various international certifications in the field of analytics.

Programme Highlights

  • Concepts explained from scratch to advanced level, thereby making the students industry ready.
  • Credit based programme approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD



    First Semester ( 6 months)
    1. Introduction to Analytics with R and Python 4 credits
    2. Data Analysis using R and Python 4 credits
    3. Introduction to Big Data 4 credits
    4. Advanced Analytics using R and Python (Predictive Modeling) 4 credits
    5. Base SAS Programming 4 credits
    Second Semester (6 months)
    Data Visualisation using Tableau 4 credits
    Machine learning 4 credits
    Data Mining 4 credits
    One optional Business Analytics
    Specialization Paper
    Option 1: Marketing Analytics
    Option 2: HR Analytics
    Option 3: Fraud Analytics
    4 credits
    10. Capstone Project or On the Job Industry Training (3 months) 8 credits
    Total Credits
    (Student may also apply for Transcript, post completion of the Programme)
    44 credits
  • Hands-on learning with R, Tableau, SAS programming, Predictive modeling and various tools like Hadoop, Map Reduce, YARN, Hive, Pig and many more.
  • In-depth learning of Data Visualization, Machine Learning and Data Mining.
  • Option to select 1 elective from: Marketing Analytics or HR Analytics or Fraud analytics.
  • 3-Months Capstone Project or On the job training with placement assistance
  • Online Live classes at weekends with practice sessions
  • Access to recorded lectures 24X7 through LMS
  • Case studies based learning to make the students understand the concepts and industry expectations
  • Provision of browser based GUI, STATCRAFT for the ease of Data Analysis which eliminates the need to write, lengthy and complex codes.
  • Experienced faculty from the industry.
  • 200 hrs comprehensive training (135 hrs live classes, 25 hrs of online recorded sessions and 40 hrs of capstone project)
  • 70% practical and 30% theoretical learning
  • Complimentary AIMA student Membership
  • Free access to AIMA Library and Pearson Digital Library
  • Hard Copy study material and books provided
  • Live projects and assignments
  • Certificate awarded on completion of programme: Post Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics (Approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD)

For Whom

  • The programme is specifically designed for working professionals and fresh graduates, who want to make advancement in their career and job prospects through the most sought, Business Analytics & Data Science skills.
  • This programme also useful for those professionals who need to understand and get meaningful insights from the organisational and sectoral data.
  • Professionals/Organisations in Telecom, Banking, IT Consultancy, Retail & Healthcare who want themselves/their employees to be proficient in Business and Data Analysis.

Class Schedule

Classes are held on Saturday/Sunday. Class timings are updated on student portal, AIMA website and students groups.

Project Work / on the Job Training

The students will be given the opportunity to either work on a term end capstone project in any functional areas from Banking, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources etc. covering business analytics problems or models of real world, based on predefined project area in virtual lab or an internship/live project of 3 months in Business Analytics.

Assessment & Evaluation Process

The assessment process is divided into 2 levels.

  • Modular Assessment: Based on assignments and projects, practical’s - 70%
  • Final assessment: Term end assessment covering all subjects - 30%

At the end of the programme, the student will face an online examination of 11/2 hour duration for each subject.

Job Roles expected after this Programme

Data Analyst Data/Solutions Analyst
Business Analyst Data Engineer
Big Data Analyst Machine Learning Engineer
Data Scientist Marketing Analyst
MIS Consultant HR Analyst
Data Visualisation Consultant Fraud Analyst

About AIMA

All India Management Association (AIMA), as the national apex body of management profession in the country is committed to enhancing the competence of management profession through its multifaceted activities. AIMA has a broad base of 68 Local Management Associations including two cooperating LMAs abroad, with a membership of over 30,000. AIMA is represented on the Boards of India's premier Business Institutions and also represented on Boards of Government bodies including the AICTE, National Board of Accreditation, National Productivity Council to name a few. In addition, AIMA brings to the Indian managers, the best management practices and techniques through numerous foreign collaborations with professional bodies and institutions.

About SAS

SAS is a trusted analytics powerhouse for organizations seeking immediate value from their data. A deep bench of analytics solutions and broad industry knowledge keep its customers coming back and feeling confident. With SAS®, you can discover insights from your data and make sense of it all. Identify what’s working and fix what isn’t. Make more intelligent decisions and drive relevant change.

Sample Certificate

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The programme is divided into 2 semester modules of 6 months each:
  • Introduction to Analytics with R and Python
  • Data Analysis using R and Python
  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Advanced Analytics using R and Python (Predictive Modeling)
  • Base SAS Programming
  • Data Visualisation using Tableau
  • Machine learning
  • Data Mining
  • One Optional Paper
      • Marketing Analytics
      • HR Analytics
    • Fraud Analytics
₹ 80,000 /-

Payment Options

Lump sum payment option

Fee Particulars


Onetime payment (at the time of admission) ₹ 76,000

Installment Option

For first module pay, at the time of admission and for the subsequent module, before the commencement of classes.

Fee Particulars


First Module ₹ 40,500
Second Module ₹ 39,500
Total ₹ 80,000
  • One-time registration fee of ₹ 1,000 will be charged at the time of admission
  • The fee above is inclusive of all academic charges, study material cost, online course content, LMS, Digital Library, amongst other facilities provided by AIMA. All fees paid are non-refundable.
  • Programme Codes for Admission Form: P38 for Installment option or P39 for Lump sum option

Specializations Offered


P21 - PGCM Digital Marketing & Strategy


P38 & P39 - PGCM Business Analytics


P50 & 51 - PGCM Entrepreneurship and Family Business


P29 - PGCM International Business


P35 - PGCM Finance


P31 - PGCM Human Resource Development


P33 - PGCM Marketing


P27 - PGCM Operations System


P23 - PGCM Retail Management


PF5 - PGCM in Financial Modeling & Alternative Investments

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