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The digital economy is embedded in every corner of our lives now! COVID has led to a sharp transition in the way business and branding is carried out. This shift towards online branding, sales and marketing is sharp and is going to be long term then ever thought.

With the demand for digital marketers outweighing the supply, there are plenty of opportunities out there for those looking for a promising career in Digital Marketing domain. Furthermore, the shift towards Digital Marketing has also become imperative for the professionals and organisations, which were solely relying on the traditional sales and marketing methods.

AIMA is commencing a 2 months certification batch in Social Media Marketing from 5th February 2022.


Certificate Programme in Social Media Marketing


2 months (22 hrs) + LIVE Projects


1. The Business Case for Social Media

  • Defining Social Media Marketing
  • Understanding the benefits of Social Media
  • Understanding the benefits of Social Media
  • Integrating Social Media into an overall marketing effort
  • Developing a Strategic Social Media
  • Integrating Social Media into an overall marketing effort
  • Developing a strategic Social Media Plan

Tallying the Bottom Line

  • Return in Investment
  • Accounting for Customers Acquired Online
  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators for Sales
  • Tracking Leads
  • Understanding other Common Business Metrics

Plotting a Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Locating Your Target Market Online
  • Segmenting B2C market
  • Setting Up a Social Media Plan

Managing a Cyber-Social Campaign

  • Managing a Social Media Schedule
  • Building Social Media Marketing Team
  • Creating a Social Media Marketing Policy
  • Compliance to Law
  • Protecting Brand Reputation

Helpful Tech tools

  • Keeping track of Social Media Scene
  • Content Distribution Tools
  • Managing Search Engines
  • Using ecommerce tools for Social Sites
  • Measuring the Buzz by type of service

Leveraging SEO for Social Media

  • Making the statistical case for SEO
  • Focusing on Top Search Engines
  • Maximizing metatag
  • Optimizing your site and content for Search Engine
  • Building effective inbound links
  • Optimizing Social Media for SEO
  • Gaining Visibility in rea-time search
  • Gaining traction on Google
  • Monitoring your ranking
  • Social Bookmarks, News and Share Buttons

Content Marketing

  • Exploring content market platforms
  • Developing a content market strategy
  • Getting content to the masses

Using Facebook as a marketing tool

  • Understanding content marketing
  • Branding with Facebook Pages
  • Examining components of Facebook page
  • Using Facebook as a marketing tool

Creating and Sharing content

  • Creating a content strategy
  • Brand story on Facebook
  • Developing content
  • Bringing your community into the Mix
  • Using closed or secret groups

Facebook communities

  • Gaining insights about your community
  • Putting data to use

Advertising on Facebook

  • Basics of advertising on Facebook
  • Measuring the ad’s ROI

Instagram for Marketing

  • Promoting your brand
  • Using Instagram for marketing

2. Linkedin Marketing

Promoting with Linkedin

  • Benefits on Linkedin
  • Creating an online profile
  • Understanding endorsements and testimonials
  • Using Linkedin messages
  • Promoting your business with Linkedin
  • Selling and promoting with Linkedin showcase pages

Starting a Linkedin Group

  • Using Linkedin groups
  • Growing a community
  • Moderating a group

Using Linkedin as a content platform

  • Blogging on Linkedin
  • Promoting Linkedin posts with other social channels

3. Twitter marketing

Using Twitter for marketing and networking

  • Communication in 140 characters
  • Researching brands on Twitter
  • Finding right people and who is talking about you
  • Responding to tweets
  • Sharing and communicating with Twitter
  • Using Twitter etiquette

Finding right tools

  • Customizing Twitter profile page
  • Pinning tweets and using Twitter app
  • Supplementing online marketing tools

Hosting Twitter Chats

  • Benefits of Twitter chats
  • Using hashtag effectively
  • Keeping track of who says what
  • Finding guests and promoting chats

For further clarification, please contact the undersigned

Ekta Nayyar
Programme Manager

All India Management Association - Center for Management Education (CME)

15, Link Road, Lajpat Nagar - 3,

New Delhi, India-110024

Mob: +91 9250127573 | Email :

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Rs 4000 incl. of GST
You can enrol in the programme by registering online.

For online registration : 
Course commencing from Saturday 5th February 2022.
Live Classes (Weekend Batch)

Programme Fees

The programme fees is Rs 4,000/- (including GST @18%)

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