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  • 7X3 hour Workshops
  • Practical Assignments
  • AIF-PMS Masters’ Club

The importance of Alternative Investment Funds has grown rapidly in India in the last seven years. With the growth in Assets Under Management, the demand for qualified professionals and fund managers has also increased correspondingly. There are many other green pastures, yet to be explored in the Indian Alternative Investment space, such as

  • Liquid Alternative Investment Strategies, including REITs and InvITs
  • Wine Funds
  • Film Funds
  • Stamps and Collectibles
  • Arts and Paintings
  • Green Bonds

To provide the right skill sets, AIMA conducts a series of 7 workshops along with practical assignments, which will help you prepare and get the following NISM Certification:

Series XIX-A:
Category I and II AIF Distributors

Series XIX-B:
Category III AIF Distributors

AIF-PMS Masters’Club:

On successful completion of all the Workshops, you will get access to our unique club and get a chance to showcase/apply your knowledge in the AIF-PMS world.

Why Do This?

  • Comply with SEBI requirement for certification.
  • Get industry-relevant knowledge.
  • Stay relevant in the global markets and investment management industry.


  • Access to Investment Platforms and Private Deals
  • Internship opportunities
  • Skill Development Certification
  • Quarterly Professional Development Webinars
  • Third-party Benefits and Discounts

For more information, please contact

Prabha Soloman - Center for Management Education (CME)

All India Management Association

15, Link Road, Lajpat Nagar-III

New Delhi-110 024

Phone: +91 7838935604 , Email:

7-workshop Series on Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs)




Alternative Investments and PMS
  • Types of Alternative Investments & Suitability for HNIs
  • Fund Structures & Fee Structure
  • Risk-Return characteristics
  • AIFs v/s PMS v/s Mutual Funds
Compare historical performance of AIFs and target asset classes
Equity based Investment Strategies
  • Long-only strategies, Long-short strategies,
  • Market-Neutral strategies
  • Pre-IPOs
  • Directional Strategies
Prepare your equity-based investment strategy on Excel, using our template
Non-Equity based Investment Strategies
  • Global-Macro and Managed Futures strategies in India
  • Merger Arbitrage strategy
  • Convertible Arbitrage
  • Global Trends for of SPACs and SPVs
Compare the returns given by adopting 2 different strategies on one stock
Angel Investing & Start-ups
  • Fund Structures and Fee Structure of PE, VC and Angel Funds
  • Risk-return characteristics and Exit Strategies
  • Leveraged Buyouts, Special Situations Funds and Acquisitions
Analyze current deal-flow and negotiation processes in the market
Regulatory Landscape
  • SEBI (Alternative Investment Funds) Regulations
  • SEBI (Portfolio Managers) Regulations
  • Key Developments and Market Outlook
Study global regulations on AIFs
Valuation and Due Diligence
  • NAV Computation and Mark-to-market
  • Due Diligence Process and Types of DDQ
  • Gross IRR, Net IRR and Performance Multiples
  • Benchmarking Process & Agencies
Prepare Due Diligence Questionnaire and Use a Valuation model for an AIF startup
Taxation and Fund structuring
  • Taxation on Capital Gains, Dividends and Interest
  • Withholding Taxes and Indirect Taxes
  • Fund Documentation
  • Key Developments and Tax Treaties
Compare the pre-tax and post-tax fund performance
Rs 1,000 + GST

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