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Social enterprises address social problems through innovative market linkages. While the concepts and research on social entrepreneurship existed for more than two decades, it has recently gained prominence due to the renewed awareness on sustainability by the emphasis on attaining the sustainable development goals. It is now imperative that all actors of the social sector work together to attain the 17 goals and the 169 targets.

Need of the programme

The nature and scope of social enterprises have undergone a huge transformation in recent times. There is a boost to the startup ecosystem that has motivated many educated youths to embark on a journey to change the world. Innovation, technology has further enabled their scale of operations. Moreover, with pertinent global issues like the climate change, many actions have become urgent and collaborative. However, what is lacking is an understanding of the issues, the legal framework, potential financing, strategic model building and so on.

Course Director

Dr. Nayan Mitra, Distinguished Researcher & Founder – Sustainable Advancements

Who should attend this programme ?

The industry professionals, entrepreneurs, consultants, govt. ofiicials, faculty members as well as B-Schools, Engineering and other HEI's Students (currently pursuing as well as pass outs) will find this programme immensely valuable.

Programme Duration & Flow

This programme is of 3 months duration having 30 Instructional Hours with a few session exclusively conducted in workshop format. The first batch is starting from February 2022 onwards.

Mode of Delivery

The sessions will be offered during weekends in online live (Synchronous) mode.

Topics to be covered in the Course

20 SESSIONS (Per Sessions1:30 Hours)

  • Introduction to Sustainability and social development.
  • Enterprise building and Responsible Leadership.
  • Profile of entrepreneurs in social enterprises
  • Creating a strategic enterprise model.
  • Market penetration. Scaling up. Role of innovation. Role of technology.
  • Resource management
  • Social impact Assessment study, outcome measurement.
  • Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals – 17 goals.
  • Concepts of Sustainable Business, Social Enterprise, Definitional disputes. Legal structure.
  • Identifying opportunities. Need Assessment study.
  • Pilot testing. Prototyping. Validation.
  • Stakeholder mobilization. Creating an ecosystem for change. Role of collaborations and networking.
  • Funding Sources.
  • Expert Speak 1 - Opportunities and challenges of a Social Enterprise
  • Expert Speak 2 - Opportunities and challenges of a Social Enterprise.
  • Live Project .
  • Presentation/ Assessment.

Programme Outcome

On doing this programme, the trainee will be able to:

  • Understand the various facets of a Social Enterprise
  • Internalize the management of a Social Enterprise
  • Recognise the funding sources for a Social Enterprise
  • Realize the importance and role of Responsible Leadership
  • Appreciate the impact and outcomes of a Social Enterprise in relation to sustainability
  • Gain from listening to social entrepreneurs
  • Benefit through a live project and its presentation to experts

Learning Methodology

The learning methodology will include interactive Sessions/lectures by experts from the industry, Q/A, discussion, case studies, expert learning.

Course Material

The course pack comprising power points, original researches, learning aids, reading materials etc. will be provided to each participant.

Assessment & Certification

The participants will be assessed on the basis of the Formative and Summative assessments and the assignment.
The weightage of the same would be: Summative Assessment/ Final Exam: 70%; Assignment: 30% Upon successful completion of the programme, the participants will be awarded with “Certificate of Success” jointly by All India Management Association and Sustainable Advancements.

Programme Director / Lead Faculty

She is the editor of Responsible Business and Sustainable Management by Springer. Dr. Mitra is the editor of the books 'Corporate Social Responsibility in India: Cases and Development after the Legal Mandate' in India (2017), 'Mandated Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from India' (2019) and 'Corporate Social Responsibility in Rising Economies: Fundamentals, Approaches and Case Studies' (2020) with co-editor, Dr. Rene Schmidpeter (Germany) that has been published by Springer International (Switzerland). Recently she edited the special issue 'Business and Benevolence' of the 'Journal of Human Values' by the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata (India) along with Fullbright scholar Dr. Deonnie Moodie, Assistant Professor of South Asian Religions at University of Oklahoma, USA. She spearheads the India CSR Leadership Interview Series by India CSR, where she brings together the collective thoughts, ideas and practices of distinguished corporate leaders on Sustainability and CSR. Dr. Mitra is the recipient of the prestigious Author Award at the Indian CSR Leadership Summit three years in a row: 2017, 2018 and 2019; adjudged as one of the 25 most impactful CSR Leaders in India 2019 and many other international awards for her contribution to CSR and recognised as an Exceptional Woman of Excellence at the Women Economic Forum, 2019 (New Delhi, India).

For further clarification, please contact the undersigned

Rahul Bhatia
Center for Management Education (CME)

All India Management Association

15, Link Road, Lajpat Nagar - 3,

New Delhi, India-110024

Phone : 011-47673000/011, 49868399, Ext. 722

Mob: +91-9891963303 | Email :

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Rs 23600 incl. of GST
You can enrol in the programme by registering online.

For online registration : 
The first batch is going to start from February 2022 onwards

Programme Fees

The programme fees is Rs 23,600/-
(including GST @18%) which include cost of Programme Learning Material & Examination fee

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