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Welcome to 'Re-tooling Digital Business Management in the Age of AI', a strategic roadmap designed to empower business leaders and technology experts with cutting-edge practices and methodologies. This dynamic online course is tailored for senior business managers, digital ocers, and consultants seeking to thrive in today's digital landscape.

Whether a senior business manager leveraging AI for growth or a digital ocer guiding your organisation’s strategy, this course provides essential tools and frameworks for success. Our goal is to empower you to navigate the digital landscape condently, leading your organisation to innovation and sustainable success. Embracing change and adapting to new paradigms is crucial.

A glance at the course outline reveals key topics and discussion areas of the holistic curriculum. A very special focus is provided to empower participants with applied knowledge of AI, global trends and make them prepare to lead AI journey in his organisation.

Learning Outcomes

In this transformative course, our primary objective is to equip senior business managers and digital ocers with the leadership skills necessary to navigate the age of AI eectively. By the programme 's conclusion, participants will:

• Gain a deep understanding of the foundational principles driving Digital Transformation.
• Develop Strategies to capitalise on AI technologies and establish an operating model for AI in organisation.
• Acquire the Skills to reimagine and optimise their organisation's digital business model.
• Master emerging technologies such as Machine Learning and Automation for driving innovation and eciency.
• Cultivate an Agile Mindset to adapt to evolving markets and maintain a competitive edge. Foster a culture of Digital Innovation within their organisations and lead successful digital transformations.
• Establish Valuable Connections with industry experts for collaboration and support.
• Implement Robust Cybersecurity Measures to safeguard digital assets and ensure data privacy.
• Learn from Best Practices employed by successful companies in developing digital business strategies.

Focus areas

  • Digital and AI Agility
  • Organisations with AI at the Coref
  • Digital Business Capability Areas
  • Design Principles for Digital Manufacturing Businesses
  • Methodologies for Data Organisation and Big Data Management
  • Transform towards a Data-Driven Organisation
  • Data Modernisation and Monetisation: Leveraging Data Products
  • Automating Decisions and Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Strategising AI Use Cases for Business Verticals
  • Predictive Analytics in Business Operations
  • Implementation methodology for Hyper personalisation
  • Design Aspects of NLP, LLM, and Generative AI
  • Building Organisational Capabilities for Digital Business Transformation
  • Crafting Customer Experience Touchpoint Journeys
  • Developing Smart Cybersecurity Strategies in the Age of AI
  • Ensuring Data Protection: Privacy and Security Measures
  • Talent Gap Analysis and Management
  • Digital Governance, Digital Persona development


  • Live Case studies of both Indian companies like Tata Steel, Jio, Tata Motors, emerging platforms like ONDC, India Fintech perspective, and case studies of global companies like DBS Bank Singapore, Royal Philips, LEGO Bricks and few more.
  • Group Case Presentations: Participants work in groups to analyze and present solutions to complex business challenges, incorporating concepts learned in the course.
  • There will be a blended learning comprising of theoretical concepts, frameworks, interactive discussions with learning from faculty as well from peers. There will be wide use of real-world Case Studies: Analysis of real-life business scenarios and case studies to illustrate the application of digital and AI strategies in dierent industries.
  • Opportunity to listen to senior guest speakers sharing their experiences, insights, and best practices in digital business management & AI implementation.

Who should attend

  • CEOs
  • CXOs
  • Senior Business Managers
  • Department Heads
  • IT Heads
  • Business Analysts
  • Start-ups and Consultants


18th August 2024
20 sessions 120 minutes (2 hours) each, conducted in a Live Virtual mode on sunday


Rs. 50000/- + GST

Sample Certificate


About Course Director

Prof. M.D. Agrawal is former General Manager IT and Chief Information Officer of downstream BPCL, India's secondlargest oil major. Mr. Agrawal was the advisor to TCS from 2014 to 2019 to design innovative and cost-effective solutions for clients and design strategy for downstream domain excellence. He is associated with IITB, a premier institute in India since last 8 years as a visiting professor on subjects of software project management, knowledge management, digital transformation and E business strategy and associated with IIT Gandhi nagar as Adjunct professor for subject Digital innovation and digital transformation in enterprise. Earlier he served India's premier institute NITIE as adjunct professor 2019-20 and adjunct professor at SJMSOM, IITB during 2018 to 2020.

Toward academic pursuits, with rich industry backgrounds, during last 8 years, Prof. Agrawal offered electives to MBAfinal years students of SJMSOM, IITB on subjects like digital transformation, E commerce and E Business strategy & management, knowledge management, and software project management and agile methodologies.

His current key interest are Consulting, coaching and teaching of during contemporary subjects in domain of digital transformation and digital capability building both for students and industry professionals. In past, he has designed and offered multiple short duration MDPs which were run at SJMSOM, IITB and IIM C. He also keep doing research on industry focus subjects. His one research paper on topic “Operation Intelligence and digitalization practices for downstream oil industry “was published prominent industry journal Hydrocarbon Processing in year 2017. He has addressed multiple International and National conferences as a thought leader and accomplished industry veteran.

Prof. Agrawal is having strong connect with industry and professional bodies. As President, he has also been leading as premier professional bodies like Bombay Management Association, Computer Society of India, South East Asian Region Computer federation- SEARCC.

In his illustrious career, Prof. Agrawal has accomplished excellence in completing several technology projects leading to business transformation and organization development. He is Gold medalist in Mathematics and was conferred CSI fellowship for his outstanding contribution in field of IT.

His technical work was instrumental getting BPCL several International and National awards worth mentioning: Delhi Best Practice International award, USA, CIO 100 Asia Pacic Award, NASSCOM Best IT Implementation Award 2011 and CSI IT Excellence Award 2013.


For further clarification, please contact the undersigned

Rahul Bhatia

All India Management Association

Tel : 011-47673000/011, 49868399, Ext. 722

Email :

Website :

Topics to be covered in the Course

18 SESSIONS ( 2 Hours Per Sessions)


The course methodology will include lecture, Q/A, discussion, audio -visual aids, case studies, expert learning.


Course Material

The course pack comprising power points slides of faculty, many of global research reference material, Case studies, templates aids, reading material etc. will be provided to each participant.

Assessment, Grading & Certication

Each Participant is expected to complete the following criteria to recieve the certificate of success for the course:

    • 60% attendence
    • Completion of a project as per expectations defined by the faculty, who will assign a project. Project can be done in a group.
    •  Active participation in class during discussion and workshop

Participation certificate will be issued on non-adherence of the above criteria

The programme is comprised of total 5 Modules as under:
  • Session 01
  • Bootcamp & Introduction Session Knowing Digital & AI and Agility
  • Foundation Learning for Re-Envisioning Digital Business Management
  • Evolution of computing: Fundamental laws
  • Digitalisation Vs Being Digital
  • Digital culture & First Mindset: Dexterity
  • Shift in Business in Age of Digital & AI
  • Business Agility and Digital agility
  • E-Business Process Value chain
  • Digital to the Core
  • Session 02
  • Design principles and Framework of Re-Envisioning Digital Business for Transformation
  • Study of Digital Business Capability Areas
  • AI Capability Area Framework & enablement tools /Use cases of each capability areas
  • Use case summary of enterprise Automation
  • Key barriers for Digital Business transformation
  • Marketing 5.0
  • Maturity assessment of Digital Business
  • Session 04
  • Rethinking and rearchitecting the firm with AI to the Core
  • Two levers of enterprise performance: Business Model & Operating Model
  • Operating model: traditional Vs digital
  • AI enabled Digital Model
  • Case studies of AI to the core
  • Elements of building AI factory
  • Learning: Microsoft is becoming AI company
  • Session 05
  • Design Principles Digital Manufacturing Business
  • Smart, connected products at the core of Data
  • Framework of smart digital factory model
  • Data driven factory model: Tata steel Case study
  • Learnings of World economic forum's Light house project for Smart manufacturing
  • Use Case Summary for manufacturing: IoT, Data Analytics AI, 3D, Robotics, Computer Vision
  • Session 06, 07
  • Transformation to data driven organisation
  • Building data platform and data driven organisation
  • Fundamental knowledge map of data organisation and governance
  • Introduction to Data-Driven Transformation
  • Developing a Data Strategy Data Governance and Compliance
  • Data Architecture and Infrastructure
  • Developing a data roadmap
  • Data products: The reusable building blocks for scaling.
  • Data platform for Advanced Analytics and AI/ML
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Session 08
  • Data Modernisation and Data Monetisation- leveraging data products
  • Fundamentals of Data modernisation for digital journey
  • Understand data products and their benefits over traditional data formats.
  • New data architecture landscape.
  • Data Quality challenges in Human and Machine data in the Digital world
  • Strategy to unlock Value of data
  • Big Data Analytics journey for monetisation
  • Session 09
  • AUTOMATING Decisions & Machine Learning algorithms
  • AI, NLP, Generative AI, Predictive analytics for Business transformation
  • How to Strategically Leverage Machine Learning
  • The Five Steps for Automating Decisions
  • Highlights of Alibaba case study: Ant financial 5 step data insight framework for automating decisions
  • Workshop on automating decisions in your company
  • Session 10, 11
  • AI Use case strategy for Business verticals
  • Data Modernisation and Data Monetisation- leveraging data products
  • Step by Step approach for identifying business case for AI enablement
  • Transformation of Marketing and Sales, Supply Chain and Logistics by AI
  • AI for Healthcare
  • AI's role in driving Industry 4.0 transformation
  • AI-driven e-commerce strategies
  • AI-based product recommendations, dynamic pricing, market basket recommendation, fraud detection in online retail and sentiment analytics
  • Session 12
  • Predictive analytics practice in Business
  • What is Data Driven Decision Making?
  • How to explore data to make business decisions?
  • Predictive analytics roadmap for enterprises
  • Framework for developing predictive data analytics
  • Improve customer experience and gain competitive advantages with predictive analytics.
  • Case for prescriptive analytics Data pre-processing and data visualisation
  • Session 13
  • Implementation methodology for Hyper personalisation
  • A comprehensive approach to N=1 contextual analysis using AI
  • Hyper personalisation (N=1 analysis)
  • Data strategy and data model for N=1 analysis
  • Modelling and augmenting semantic and knowledge-driven AI using meta-data, external meta-data and domain knowledge of entities such as customer, product and transactions
  • A comprehensive road map and AI framework/platform to perform N=1 analysis
  • How it can be done? Demos and case study.
  • Session 14
  • Design aspects of NLP, LLM and Generative AI
  • NLP in design of generative AI solutions - Bot
  • Session 15
  • Workshop on Customer touch points
  • Session 16
  • Re-envisioning Organisation capabilities for digital business transformation
  • Designed organisation for Digital
  • DBS Bank Case study
  • Building blocks of organisation for digital Business transformation
  • Maturity assessment of organisation capabilities
  • Session 17
  • Re-tooling & Re-envisioning Business
  • Re-envisioning Business Model and crafting same
  • Methodology and frameworks of 15 types of new business models
  • Crafting a Digital business model
  • AI enabled Business Model design
  • Building a Digital Business Platform
  • DPI and Digital public goods for
  • Session 18
  • Smart Cyber security strategy in age of AI
  • Cyber security, data Protection, Data Governance, Digital maturity assessment
  • Cyber security Governance
  • Impact of AI on Cyber security Governance
  • Analysis of cyber attacks
  • Internet tool kit
  • Operation risk taxonomy
  • Security mechanism
  • Network topology and cyber security attacks
  • Cyber security framework
  • Developing defense any investigation methodologies
  • CERT role for country AI/ ML for cyber security CISO key roles
  • Session 19
  • Cyber security, data Protection, Data Governance, Digital maturity assessment
  • Understanding importance data in business and outside
    Data exchange and data platforms by government Evolution of data protection practices
  • What is Digital trust and how to gain?
    Data protection law and implications for corporates
  • Data exchange design principles & APIs
  • Data Governance framework for protection
  • Session 20
  • Digital governance, Digital talent Gap, Digital Persona development
  • Key reasons of digital business strategy failures
  • Organisation strategy for Talent gap
  • Digital Governance framework
  • Remaking and preparing yourself for digital business
  • Understanding desired personas for a successful digital leader

Enrolment & Registration Process

Course start date – 18th August 2024

Course Fees

The programme fees for this course is Rs 50000/- plus GST

Two installment option is available.


Dr Vijay Choudhary

Head - IT, Sterling Holidays & Resorts.

It opened the thought process for more thinking on Business and Technology alignment and how digital initiatives run across the various organization studied through well crafted case studies.

Tarun Jeph

Senior Manager - Digital & IT Strategy, Office of Chief Digital Officer, JK Cement.

This was a very informative and engaging course for middle and top management. Despite being a non tech person myself, concepts were taught to me in a simplified yet application oriented way.

Vipin Shotriya

AVP - Customer Engagement, Cybage Software

It will help me to implement digitalisation road map and presentation to the board.

Vishal Jain

Head IT Infra and Security, Del Monte Foods Private Limited

Thanks for the great course. Super presentations style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course. A wonderful practical course both personally and professionally to me.

Shweta Srivastava

Head -IT, Matix Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited

Digital Roadmap, Data Privacy act, NLP etc. This will help in implementing the same in my current organization. Wonderful sessions, great learnings and extremely happy to interact with experienced professors. Content is perfectly curated and has practical perspective.

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