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India’s aspiration to become US$ 5 trillion economy will require mammoth creation of new infrastructure. Governments is looking at Public–Private Partnerships (PPPs) with renewed interest, not just for bringing financing from private sector but also innovation and efficiency. With impressive track record of PPP Projects in Transport and Water sectors; and a modern PPP policy framework, India is one of the attractive markets for PPP players. In line with the stated concept of minimum government and maximum governance, governments in India are slowly moving from the role of service providers to regulators and facilitators, thus opening up opportunities for private sector to deepen its involvement in public service delivery.

In view of fast expanding PPP industry in India, capacity development to understand the nuances of this form of contract is imperative for both public and private sectors. The objective of the program is to provide thorough understanding of the PPP as concept, its designing, bidding and contract management.

Aim and Objectives of the Programme

The Certificate in Public Private Partnership, is a blended learning programme designed to nurture certain basic level of Knowledge amongst individuals, working on PPPs or those interested in learning about PPPs, regardless of discipline or sector. The programme assists in preparing participants with the conceptual knowledge and skills to understand the Public Private Partnership as project. With focus on both theory and practice, the curriculum encompasses topics related to the designing a PPP transaction, financing options available, bidding for PPP, PPP contract management and dispute resolution. It also includes extensive regional and sectoral knowledge and comprises PPP best practices in India and around the World.

Who can benefit

  • Government and PSU officials involved or interested in designing and managing PPP transactions
  • Employees of Private Concessionaires, Contractors and suppliers involved or interested in implementing PPP contracts
  • EPC and other downstream contractors
  • Procurement Professionals for updating their domain knowledge


Graduate in any discipline from university or recognized institute.

Syllabus Structure

The PPP program will have five modules to cover –

  • Introduction to PPP
  • Design of PPP Transaction
  • Bidding for PPP
  • PPP Contract Management
  • Evolvement and potential of PPP in India

Duration and Assessment Structure

The duration of the program is 6 months. Both Formative (during the course) and Summative (end of the course) Assessments are planned. Summative assessment will carry 60% weight age, Formative assessments will carry 30% and Workshop participation / Project Work will carry 10% weight age.

Key Features

  • Certification from premier institute like AIMA with technical support from the World Bank
  • Focused Course Structure to address specialized needs
  • Blended Learning Environment
  • Benefit from strong AIMA industry connect and networking


Renowned international and national PPP experts and practitioner will take the sessions.

Fee Structure

Course fee - Rs 25,000/- plus GST (18%) - Total fee (inclusive of all taxes) - Rs 29,500/

Contact Us

Yash Kashyap
Programme Manager
All India Management Association – Centre for Management Education

15 Link Road, Lajpat Nagar – III, New Delhi

Ph: +91 011-47673000/49868399 Extn:- 721/710

Mobile : +91 8800893848

Email :

Website :


    Introduction to Big Data

  • Business Applications to Big Data
  • Technologies for handling Big Data
  • Understanding the Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Map Reduce Fundamentals

    Introduction to Analytics and R Programming

  • Understanding Analytics
  • Analytical Approaches and Tools
  • Exporting R
  • Reading Datasets into R and exporting data from R
  • Manipulating and Processing data in R

    Data Analytics using R

  • Using Functions and Packages in R
  • Descriptive Statistics in R
  • Analyzing Big Data by Using Functions, Loops and Data Frames
  • Graphical Analysis in R
  • Hypothesis Testing in R

    Big Data Analytics Methods

  • Advanced Analytics using R
  • Implementing a Big Data solution
  • Data Cleaning and Preprocessing
  • Social media analytics and text mining
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Big Data visualizations

    Student may opt for either Tableau or SAS Module

    Data Visualization with Tableau
  • Learn EDA and Basics of Data Visualization
  • Descriptive Analytics and various graphs in Tableau
  • Advanced graphs and features in Tableau
  • Creating dashboards and interactive visualizations in Tableau
  • OR
    Advanced Analytics using SAS
  • Linear Regression in R
  • Nonlinear Regression
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Decision Trees
  • Integrating R and Hadoop and Understanding Hive


Rs 45000 + GST


    Additional Modules which student may opt for, upon completion of the above given 5 module

    Machine Learning Concepts
  • Understanding Machine Learning
  • Graphical Models and Bayesian Networks on R
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Dimensionality Reduction Using PCA and Factor Analysis in R
  • Support Vector Machines


Rs 15000 + GST


  • Big Data Solution Engineering


Rs 15000 + GST

Course fee - Rs 25,000/- plus GST (18%) - Total fee (inclusive of all taxes) - Rs. 29,500/-

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