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Course Overview

Needless to say, businesses operate in a highly dynamic environment. COVID -19 has shaken everything. While quite a few businesses have been devastated due to this Black Swan event, some have gained also. What is the secret of sustainable success? The sustainable success of a business is a function of Cash Profit, Asset Turnover, Equity Multiplier, Growth and Shareholder (owners, promoters) Value Creation. This course is designed to share ideas, experiences and insights about running a sustainably successful business and to enable participants to draw their business repositioning plan.

Intended Learning Objectives

This course is aimed to prepare participants to be able to:

  • Understand the nature and role of finance in business success
  • Analyze fnancial statements of a business
  • Make capital expenditure decision
  • Make working capital decisions
  • Foresee and make strategic business decisions


Dr Sat Parashar, PhD (Finance) , Former Director IIM Indore

Time and Course Flow

The Course will run for 15 hrs over 3 week-ends, Friday- Saturday, 2.5 hrs each day. The Course is starting from July 2, 2021.

This course will be delivered on ZOOM.

The Time will be 6:30pm - 9:15pm (IST) each day, with 15 minutes break


  • The course methodology will include lecture, Q/A, discussion, case studies.
  • The presentation will be made with power point slides and screen sharing on Zoom.
  • In case all the participants are of the same company, financial statements of their company will be discussed as a case study to give them an in- house focus and flavor

Who Will Benefit

The design of this course has been guided by two principles of Smart Organization. First, manage your Generals well, men will be managed. Second, That that gets measured gets done, rest is rhetoric. The course will be a positive value addition for business leaders concerned with business operations, HR, Marketing, Strategic Planning, R&D, and others. It will a great course for those interested in finance for non-fnance. It will a great refresher course for finance managers. It will particularly benefit:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Business Leadership (Board Members, Middle Senior Level Managers)
  • Young Leaders (Junior Managers)

Course Material

This course is based on Dr Parashar's ebook, 'Financial Skills for Strategic Leadership' published in 2020. The book is available on

Enrolment & Registration Process

You can enrol in the programme by registering online. For online registration, CLICK HERE

The first batch is going to start from July 2021 onwards.

Assessment, Grading & Certification

The participants would be assessed on the basis of their performance in One online comprehensive examination (written test of 2 Hrs duration) at the end of course having subject contents from each of the modules (Max. Marks–100)

The participants will be graded on relative letter grading system. Those who obtain minimum B grade in Online Comprehensive Examination would be declared passed and awarded Certificate of Success by ALL INDIA MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION. Credit earned in this course could be transferred to AIMA’s PGDM program or to any other institutes’/universities’ program as per the norms of UGC.

Participants not appearing in assessment for this course will be provided with 'Certification of Participation.

For further clarification, please contact the undersigned

Rahul Bhatia
Center for Management Education (CME)

All India Management Association

15, Link Road, Lajpat Nagar - 3,

New Delhi, India-110024

Phone : 011-47673000/011, 49868399, Ext. 722

Email :

Website :

The course will comprise 6 modules of 2.5 hrs.each:
  • Understanding nature and Role of Finance in Business; Understanding Contents of Financial Statement (P&L Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement)
  • Strategic Financial Statement Analysis and Business Repositioning
  • Capital Expenditure Decision Making- Time Value of Money (TVM) and Weighted Average Cost of Capital WACC)
  • Capital Expenditure Decision Making- Methods of Appraisal (IRR, NPV, others)
  • Working Capital Management- Tools and Techniques, Optimization of Current Assets and Liabilities
  • Course Review, Q/A


Rs. 29,500/-
Fees: Rs. 29,500/- ((including GST @18%) which include cost of Course Learning Material & Examination fees.)
*If the registration is for 5 or more executives from the same company the fees charged will be @ INR 23,600/- (including GST @18%)

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