Deferral Of Academic Session

(Not Applicable to six months Advanced Certificate & Ph. D students.)
Following the confirmation of admission in a particular programme/session, if a student wishes to defer commencement of academic session because of reasons beyond his/her control, AIMA-CME at its discretion may grant deferment of academic session maximum by six months.

A request for deferral of commencement of session should be submitted to Manager-Admissions, AIMA-CME, within one month from the date of issue of admission/progression confirmation letter from AIMA-CME.

  • Provisionally admitted students in Module-1 will not be allowed to appear in term end module examination and will by default be deferred to the next immediate session if they fail to submit the required proof of graduation by the prescribed timelines ie., May 31 for January session and November 30 for July session.
  • Deferral can be sought only once in an academic year (i.e., two consecutive deferment requests will not be considered).
  • Deferral period will be excluded from the maximum time period for completion of programme (i.e. 6 years for PGDM/PGDITM and 3 years for PGCM).

A request for deferral of session must indicate the grounds on which deferment is sought and must be supported with relevant documents.

Deferment of session will be granted for current admission cycle only. AIMA - CME reserves the right to accept or reject any deferment request.