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Marketing as a specialization in management domain focuses on various verticals which are part of marketing as a profession. Academic knowledge of marketing in management education teaches the student about different aspects of sales management, selling techniques, behavior of a consumer , advertising methodologies, promotional methods of Products and services. Marketing management also lays emphasis on how should a company manage its product chain and its Brands.

Learning about the skills and techniques of domestic and international marketing will be the key focus of marketing management. It is also very important for a student of marketing specialization to study about the aspects of distribution of goods, and its inventory management methods. This helps the marketing and sales personnel’s to achieve their targets.

In modern marketing & sales scenarios with impact of changing technologies and increased competition companies have started selling their products and services through online channels using digital marketing techniques. Marketing management as an academic specialization in today’s scenario has introduced digital marketing in its curriculum and is laying lot of emphasis on students to learn these modern techniques of selling to be successful in their marketing career.

Relationship marketing is another focus area of present times sales personnel’s with special skills to developed in the area of services marketing, which is entirely distinct from marketing and selling of Physical Products. Since the job market has lot of potential in the services industry, therefore it becomes all the more important for the student of marketing to learn the skills of services marketing. Marketing management specialization will teach the student of marketing these technicalities of services marketing.

In nutshell Marketing management as a specialization in current scenario has been designed keeping in mind the fulfillment of academic and practical need of a student which will help in his career growth and prior understanding of consumer durable, services and FMCG industry.

For Whom:

Any eligible graduate who has the interest and capacity to take risk and is looking for a fast career growth in his professional life.

Career Options:

Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager, Marketing Research Analyst, Sales Manager, Account Sales Manager, Product Manager, Marketing communication Manager, Brand Manager

Program is divided into 4 modules/six months each. Papers to be covered in 3rd Semester.
  • Management Functions & OB
  • Business Communication
  • Managerial Economics
  • Introduction to IT 
  • Financial & Management Accounting
  • Business Statistics

Certificate awarded post module completion

Certificate in Management

  • Operations Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Economics and Social Environment
  • Financial Management
  • Research Methodology

Certificate awarded post module completion

Advanced Certificate in Management

  • Specialization

  • MM02 Sales & Distribution Management
  • MM03 Advertising & Brand Management
  • MM04 International Marketing Management
  • MM05 Marketing of Services
  • MM07 Consumer Behaviour

Certificate awarded post module completion

Professional Certificate in (Marketing Management)

  • Business Law & Corporate Governance
  • International Business
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Strategic Management and Ethics
  • Project Work

Certificate awarded post module completion

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Marketing Management)

₹ 1,26,000/-

Payment Schedule

For first module pay at the time of admission and for the subsequent modules before the start of the classes.

Fee Particulars


First Module ₹ 31,500/- + ₹ 1000/- for prospectus
Second Module ₹ 31,500/-
Third Module ₹ 31,500/-
Fourth Module ₹ 31,500/-
*The fee above is inclusive of all academic charges, study material, online course content, digital library, amongst other facilities provided by the institute. Examination fee will be separate and will be charged at actuals. All fees paid are non-refundable.

Specializations Offered


PGDM Business Analytics


PGDM Banking and Financial Management


PGDM Marketing Management


PGDM Financial Management


PGDM Information System


PGDM International Business


PGDM Operations Management


PGDM Human Resource Management


PGDM In Financial Planning


PGDM Digital Marketing


PGDM Retail Marketing


PGDM Financial Research & Valuation Modeling


PGDM Hospitality Management

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