• The Assessment of student's performance is based on the Assignments, Class Participation, Term-End Examination and Project work.
  • Examinations are normally held towards the end of June and December every year.
  • The minimum Modular Grade Point Average (MGPA) of 1.67 (C-) must be secured by the student for passing each Module.
  • MGPA is the average of overall grades for all the subjects of a module.
  • Students are allowed to reappear in the exams to meet the criteria of MGPA.
  • Student can submit the Examination Fees like exam fee, reevaluation fee, registration fee, synopsis ,project fee etc. through student portal.
  • The tentative Examination schedule is put on AIMA website on March 15 and September 15 for the June and December examinations respectively.
  • Hall Tickets for examinations are put on the AIMA website much before the examination. Students should take a print of hall - ticket from the web site and produce it along with the AIMA Identity Card at the examination centre.
  • The term end examination for a student will be cancelled if :
    a) It is found that a student has appeared without submission of assignments.
  • Please note that students will be allowed to appear for four consecutive Modules : (Mod I, Mod II, Mod III and Mod IV.

Last Date for submission of Assignments

For PGDM / PGDITM / PGCM / ACM Programs Assignment I & II (in Online mode) 15th April - 15th June (January Session)
15th October – 15th December (July Session)
Advanced Certificate Programme Case Study (in Offline mode) 15th June / 15th December
Diploma in Management Program (in Offline Mode) 15th April - 15th May (January Session)
15th October – 15th November (July Session)

Important Guidelines For Assignments


Assignments of PGDM, PGDITM, PGCM Programs are required to be submitted ONLINE through AIMA Student Portal by clicking on this link: .Login ID / Password will be provided by the Admissions Dept.


For Advanced Certificate in Management Programs,Assignments are required to be submitted in the handwritten format. Computer printouts or photocopies will not be accepted.


Click on the below link for ACM Program Assignments:


Please mention Program Code, Program Title and Assignment Code No. on top of the each assignment.


Only A4 size paper of good quality whether ruled or otherwise, is to be used for writing the Assignments .


Adequate spaces should be left between answers to enable the evaluator to record his feedback.


Each Assignment for different subject should be written separately and submitted in a separate folder.


Students must begin each answer on a fresh page clearly mentioning Question number with the section and sub-section number.


Assignments will be evaluated on the basis of content, legibility, ideas and language (spellings, grammar and structure). Highlighting (bold and underlining) of key words, use of graphics and tables and logical progression of the argument in the answer will be given due weightage.


An assignment once evaluated, would not be re-evaluated.

Examination Fee

Examination Fee with effect from June 2010 Term End Examinations

Compulsory Examination Fee (Applicable to all students for availing first/second chance to write the examination) Rs 500/- per paper
Examination Fee for availing the Third Chance to write the examination Rs. 500/- per paper
Re-registration fee and Examination Fee for the students to avail fourth/fifth chance to write the examination Rs 2,500/- per paper (Rs.2,000/-towards Re-registration Fee + Rs.500/-towards compulsory examination fee)

IMP NOTE : Please note that students will be allowed to appear for four consecutive Modules : (Mod I , Mod II, Mod III and Mod IV) together. However, in case any clash of subjects is there in examination, student himself has to choose either of the subject to appear in an examination.

Fees payable for other requirements (Subject to Change)

Re-evaluation fee of Answer Scripts Rs. 500/- per paper
Project Fee (Re-evaluation/ Re-submission) Rs. 1000/-
Synopsis (Resubmission after incorporating faculty feedback/ new topic) Rs. 500/-
Change of examination centre Rs. 500/-
Duplicate grade card Rs. 500/-
Duplicate certificate Rs. 1000/-
Certificate and Grade card Attestation Fee Rs. 2000/-
Student qualification verification fee Rs. 2000/-
Bonafide Certificate fee Rs. 500/-

Maximum time to complete a Programme and re-Registration for Courses

Registration to a course (Subject/Paper) is valid for 3 consecutive sessions including the session in which the progression/admission has been done to the particular module. This is applicable even if the student takes admission/progression and does not appear for the term end exams.

If a student wants to appear in the examination or submit / the project work for the incomplete course/s after 3 consecutive sessions of registration to the module, then he/she may do so by getting re-registered to the course/s.

Re-registration is subject to the fulfillment of the condition that a Post Graduate Programme must be completed within 6 years from the date of registration to the programme and Professional Diploma / Post Graduate Certificate programme must be completed within 3 years of registration to the programme.

The Foundation programme of PhD must be completed within 3 years of registration. Failure to meet the maximum time limit to complete the programme would lead to cancellation of registration to the programme.


Project work is the best way to practice what you have learnt. The purpose of including Project report in the Post Graduate Diploma Programmes is to provide you an opportunity to investigate a problem by applying management concepts in a scientific manner. It enables you to apply your conceptual knowledge in a practical situation and to learn the art of conducting a study in a systematic way and presenting its findings in a coherent report.

Topic Selection

Selection of topic for the Project is extremely crucial. The topic chosen by you should be realistic, specific and one where related information is easily accessible. It must be related to your area of specialisation and should be something that interests you.

Synopsis Format

  • Working Title
  • Purpose
  • Aim
  • Objectives
  • Hypothesis (or key questions)
  • Outline of methodology
  • Proposed

Project Submission

Once the synopsis has been approved by AIMA-CME, the project to be submitted should be along the following lines:

  • Title Page
  • List of Contents
  • List of Tables
  • List of Figures
  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • Text (Main body of Dissertation)
  • Appendices
  • Bibliography

It is important to note that the Project must NOT be a mere description of an economic activity. It must address a well defined problem and seek to establish causal relationships, preferably through statistical analysis. The Project must seek to answer a specific question(s). The dependent variables and independent variables must be clearly specified and the relationship between dependent and independent variables should be examined. The focus should be on ANALYSIS and not description. Management concepts must invariably be used in the analysis contained in the Project.

The VIVA may be conducted for Project Work for students who have taken admissions in January 2010 onwards

Synopsis and Projects Reports are to be submitted by the students directly to AIMA alongwith complete correspondence address, E-mail address and contact number.

Project Submission Date

Project report can be submitted any time within 18 months of beginning of the module of which project work is a part of the course curriculum. After that Re-registration would be required.

Only One copy of Project has to be submitted at AIMA with approved copy of Synopsis and other details as per guidelines. Kindly ensure that the student has retained one copy of Project Report with him/ her as well for reference purpose.

Note :
  • It takes 6-8 weeks in evaluation of Synopsis/ Project Report
  • The Project is equivalent to two papers


Presentation Of Work

(Applicable to assignments, project work and term-end exams)

The project topic is to be selected from the area of specialisation e.g. a student of PGDM with specialisation in Marketing Management, must have a major topic on Marketing only. A student of Professional Diploma in HRD, must do project work on any of the HR topics only.

Project and other work submitted to meet programme requirement need to reflect standards appropriate to documentation provided for business purposes as well as to meet standards relevant to an academic document. There is obviously no sharp division between these standards but the following may be useful comments.

Meeting business presentation standards will affect such things as conciseness of language, layout and the orientation of the content in ways suitable for business people.

Academic standards will be concerned with your ability to substantiate your points of view and arguments with referenced and researched material. This should be cited in an appropriate manner. Importantly, in assessing your work from an academic reference position, the Academic Evaluator will be looking for your capacity to locate your points of view within some sort of theoretical framework, usually derived from the material presented in the different subject areas. Photocopies of material used for reference can be attached.

It is expected that both standards will require you to demonstrate sound and sensible reasoning with a capacity to identify a changed situation or opportunity, analysis and diagnosis of such a situation, making recommendations, and developing implementation plans.

The qualities discussed above are not necessarily indicated by the quantity of information gathered but more by the careful selection of relevant information and by an understanding of the basis for selection of sufficiently relevant information. Nor is the presence of the qualities necessarily indicated by the volume and length of piece of work. In face, brevity and conciseness may be more important and indicate clearer thinking.

Grade Classification and Point System

The following grading system is followed :

Grade Points
A+ 4.33
A 4
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2
C- 1.67
F 0.33

Students in all the programmes except PhD are required to maintain a minimum grade point average of c- i.e. 1.67 to qualify in each Module. For individual subjects, minimum qualifying grade would be C- i.e. 1.67. For PhD, the minimum MGPA would be B i.e. 3.00 and for individual subjects, the minimum qualifying grade would be C i.e. 2.00.


On successful completion of the programme you are entitled to attend Convocation (held once a year in the first week of August) ceremony where your Diplomas will be conferred.

In case you are eligible and do not receive the Invitation letter to attend the Convocation, kindly contact Examination Department not later than 15th July of that year.

You may be awarded PGDM/ PGDITM certificate at Convocation if following conditions are fulfilled :

  • You have cleared in all subject Assignments and Examinations
  • Project is cleared /submitted before 31st March in that year
  • Minimum Three years has passed since the session you took admission
  • All applicable fees has been paid
  • Minimum CGPA should be 1.67

Information on the same would be provided to you by the Controller of Examinations, AIMA-CME.

Unsatisfactory Performance / Misconduct

Unsatisfactory Performance

To qualify an individual course (subject) of a programme the minimum qualifying grade is C- (C in case of Ph.D Programme). But to qualify a module (generally a set of five courses) the average of the overall grades of all the courses of the module must be C- or above (B in case of Ph.D Programme). Hence, any grade below C- reflects unsatisfactory performance.


Misconduct relates to any conduct that could be regarded by AIMA-CME as prejudicial to the AIMA-CME or its members or is likely to bring the AIMA-CME into disrepute. Misconduct could include, for example, cheating, impersonating in examinations, or plagiarism, or the misuse of confidential information for personal or organisational gain. Misconduct can lead to your expulsion from the programme.

Any attempt by students to influence the examination result by making special requests before, during or after the written examination will be considered as unfairmeans. Students attempting to influence by mention if that they were hospitalized / got a job and they may lose the job if they fail in the examination will be considered as unfairly influencing the examination result.

Question Paper Format

This refers to Format of Question papers from June 2011 Examination onwards. Kindly note that there is a change in format of Question Paper . The new Format of Question papers will be as below : NEW FORMAT FOR QUESTION PAPERS

  • Section A (Four Short Questions of 10 Marks each), Student will have a choice out of 7.
  • Section B (Three Long Questions of 15 Marks each), Student will have a choice out of 5 questions.
  • Section C (Case Study followed by questions of 15 Marks).

Category I - Winners of AIMA Competitions

The Two Best Papers selected in the National Conference on Paper Presentation The following were judged as the best papers presented in conference :

“Influence of Promotional tools offered by Pharmaceutical Industry on Physicians Prescribing Behaviour” By Prof Usha Arora , Girish Taneja, Neeraj Kaushik “Price Sensitivity and Consumption choices in the Indian Retail Environment” By Prof Gaurav Tripathi

  • “Influence of Promotional tools offered by Pharmaceutical Industry on Physicians Prescribing Behaviour” By Prof Usha Arora , Girish Taneja, Neeraj Kaushik
  • “Price Sensitivity and Consumption choices in the Indian Retail Environment” By Prof Gaurav Tripathi

Category II Achievements of AIMA Members

  • Ms Preeti Malhotra has been elected as President of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) w.e.f 19th January 2007. She is the first woman to be elected as President in India. She is presently the Director and Company Secretary of Spice Communications Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mr. Keyoor Bakshi has been elected as the Vice President of ICSI w.e.f 19th January 2007. He is presently a Practicing Company Secretary at Ahmedabad. He has been elected to the Central Council for the term 2007 – 2010.
  • Mr. P S V Menon’s Thesis titled, “A Study of Work Culture: Its Dimension, Measurement and Impact on Work Performance” has been ranked first in the Best Ph.D. Thesis Award in Management Contest promoted by Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore.
  • Md. Shakil Khan has been awarded Ph.D. in Management from Magadh University, Bodh Gaya.
  • Dr. N N Mahapatra, DGM (Processing), Satluj Textiles and Industries Ltd., K K Birla Group has been admitted as Fellow to the Society of Dyers and Colourists (UK). The formal presentation of the diploma of fellowship to Dr Mahapatra will take place at a ceremony to be held in Bradford (UK) on April 27, 2007.

Category III AIMA Students - Gold Medalists

Gold Medals are awarded to outstanding candidates during every convocation on following criteria :

  • Students who complete the Course within minimum stipulated time without any repetition of assignments / examination.
  • The candidate should secure the highest CGPA in his / her batch Only those who secure a minimum CGPA of 3 and above will be considered for Gold Medal
  • Ph.D (Business Administration) and Advanced Diploma programme students are not considered for the Gold Medal.

2020 Gold Medalists

Sl.No. Regn. No. Name Session Course CGPA Institute
1 B21710068 MASROOR ALAM Jan 2017 PGDM 3.68 TATA POWER
3 T11720021 SHABIHA KHATOON July 2017 PGDITM 3.75 CIMAGE Patna
4 19110375-AIMAP2 BINOD KUMAR Jan 2019 PDPP 94.09% New Delhi
( overall Topper on the basis of modular performance in the programme)
                 T11720021                   SHABIHA KHATOON

Important Contact Details

Contact Person Queries Email ID Extn

Mr. Chandrashekhar Singh

Exam Centre, Evaluation, Duplicate Grade Card, Synopsis / Projects related queries.


Ms. Sharda Almadhi

Online / Offline Assignment related Queries.


Mr. Naresh Bisht

Hall Ticket, Result, Grade Cards / Certificate, Document Attestation, student verification related queries.


Dear Graduating Students,


It’s a pleasure to inform that the 25th Convocation of AIMA-CME is scheduled on 20th August 2020. Diploma/Certificates of PGDM, PGDITM, PGCM and Module 3rd (specialization) will be awarded to the students who have successfully completed their respective programs as per AIMA policy.

Keeping in view the COVID 19 outbreak in the country and in the interest of health and safety of our students, the event this time would be conducted using online platform. The details of online platform would be shared upon the receipt of your consent.

Login-Time: 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM
(Please note that the entry on the online-platform would be closed at 2:30 PM and no student would be allowed after that.)

Timings of Convocation:     3:00pm - 5:00pm

All the awardees [PGDM/PGDITM Batch: Jan & July 2017, PGCM/PDM Batch: Jan 2019] whose name appear in the Tentative list (link is given below) are invited/advised to attend the convocation. Please send your Consent to attend the convocation through the online platform latest by 15 August 2020 at in the prescribed format

25th AIMA-CME Convocation, 20th August 2020

PGDM awardees list       (Click here)
PGDITM awardees list    (Click here)
PGCM awardees list       (Click here)
MOD-3 awardees list      (Click here)
Consent format               (Click here)


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