Important Guidelines For Assignments


Assignments of PGDM, PGDITM, PGCM Programs are required to be submitted ONLINE through AIMA Student Portal by clicking on this link: .Login ID / Password will be provided by the Admissions Dept.


For Advanced Certificate in Management Programs,Assignments are required to be submitted in the handwritten format. Computer printouts or photocopies will not be accepted.


Click on the below link for ACM Program Assignments:


Please mention Program Code, Program Title and Assignment Code No. on top of the each assignment.


Only A4 size paper of good quality whether ruled or otherwise, is to be used for writing the Assignments .


Adequate spaces should be left between answers to enable the evaluator to record his feedback.


Each Assignment for different subject should be written separately and submitted in a separate folder.


Students must begin each answer on a fresh page clearly mentioning Question number with the section and sub-section number.


Assignments will be evaluated on the basis of content, legibility, ideas and language (spellings, grammar and structure). Highlighting (bold and underlining) of key words, use of graphics and tables and logical progression of the argument in the answer will be given due weightage.


An assignment once evaluated, would not be re-evaluated.