Unsatisfactory Performance / Misconduct

Unsatisfactory Performance

To qualify an individual course (subject) of a programme the minimum qualifying grade is C- (C in case of Ph.D Programme). But to qualify a module (generally a set of five courses) the average of the overall grades of all the courses of the module must be C- or above (B in case of Ph.D Programme). Hence, any grade below C- reflects unsatisfactory performance.


Misconduct relates to any conduct that could be regarded by AIMA-CME as prejudicial to the AIMA-CME or its members or is likely to bring the AIMA-CME into disrepute. Misconduct could include, for example, cheating, impersonating in examinations, or plagiarism, or the misuse of confidential information for personal or organisational gain. Misconduct can lead to your expulsion from the programme.

Any attempt by students to influence the examination result by making special requests before, during or after the written examination will be considered as unfairmeans. Students attempting to influence by mention if that they were hospitalized / got a job and they may lose the job if they fail in the examination will be considered as unfairly influencing the examination result.