Presentation Of Work

(Applicable to assignments, project work and term-end exams)

The project topic is to be selected from the area of specialisation e.g. a student of PGDM with specialisation in Marketing Management, must have a major topic on Marketing only. A student of Professional Diploma in HRD, must do project work on any of the HR topics only.

Project and other work submitted to meet programme requirement need to reflect standards appropriate to documentation provided for business purposes as well as to meet standards relevant to an academic document. There is obviously no sharp division between these standards but the following may be useful comments.

Meeting business presentation standards will affect such things as conciseness of language, layout and the orientation of the content in ways suitable for business people.

Academic standards will be concerned with your ability to substantiate your points of view and arguments with referenced and researched material. This should be cited in an appropriate manner. Importantly, in assessing your work from an academic reference position, the Academic Evaluator will be looking for your capacity to locate your points of view within some sort of theoretical framework, usually derived from the material presented in the different subject areas. Photocopies of material used for reference can be attached.

It is expected that both standards will require you to demonstrate sound and sensible reasoning with a capacity to identify a changed situation or opportunity, analysis and diagnosis of such a situation, making recommendations, and developing implementation plans.

The qualities discussed above are not necessarily indicated by the quantity of information gathered but more by the careful selection of relevant information and by an understanding of the basis for selection of sufficiently relevant information. Nor is the presence of the qualities necessarily indicated by the volume and length of piece of work. In face, brevity and conciseness may be more important and indicate clearer thinking.